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I Stabbed Myself In The Eye With A Toothbrush Once is an experimental electronic project with ambient influences, ISMITEWATO’s chaotic approach to recording is sometimes similar to labelmate Subliminal Genocide: do whatever comes to mind. The results can be as bizarre and intriguing as the band’s name. Sometimes it’s loud and fast, sometimes it’s calm and quiet. Expect the unexpected.

For fans of: For fans of: The Books, Dinner With Vampires, Enslaved By Owls, Master Boot Record, They Ate Isengard, etc.




1. Robots Ate My Cat (1 May 2010)

This noisy experimental electronic full-length album is well-represented by its bizarre Microsoft Paint artwork.

2. N.I.M.A.T.H.I.L.T. EP (19 Jan 2013)

A concept EP which sounds similar to the band’s debut album. Songs are experimental and often dissonant, something that most electronic music doesn’t deal with.

3. Helix IV (4 August 2015)

With their second full-length experimental album, I STABBED MYSELF IN THE EYE WITH A TOOTHBRUSH ONCE (ISMITEWATO) has crafted an intriguing blend of electronic and drone music. The resulting ambient-themed album is sure to feel like a calm voyage through an endless golden spiral. Though it continues a theme from their 2010 debut, it’s more soothing and ambient-focused than the jarring and intentionally confusing prior releases.

4. Laser Saw Beach Massacre (14 August 2017)

Split EP with experimental noise project Subliminal Genocide.

5. TBD