Hagakura Records was founded in 2006 as a one-stop-shop for bands to have a vehicle for experimentation. A no-frills label, enabling anyone to create what they wanted to express. The founder is a multi-instrumentalist musician who once worked as a Relapse Records intern. Someone who knows the importance of complete creative control for independent artists.

With more than a decade of near-nonstop production, the label has worked with a dozen projects to produce over 60 releases. Itโ€™s also collaborated with other labels for further releases, mostly split EPs and compilation albums.

The flow is never interrupted, with all stages handled in-house. Recording, mixing, mastering, album art, graphic design, merchandising, digital distribution, and advertising. The label does everything except booking tours and getting physical albums into stores. But maybe one day thatโ€™ll change. Everything else does, over time.

Hagakura Records: Always experimenting. Always something new.

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