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Astra Borealis

Calm keyboard-based instrumental music is what Astra Borealis does best. This started purely as keyboard and synth tracks, then moved slightly into the electronic space. The band has even created space-themed ambient/drone music for passive or active listening.

For fans of: soundtracks, meditation music, Adrian Von Ziegler, Philip Glass, Ulver, etc.



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1. Demo I (10 Nov 2006)

The first demo. Unfortunately some tracks have been lost.

2. Demo II (9 May 2007)

The second demo.

3. The Great Time Machine Hoax EP (14 Feb 2009)

An EP recorded with Garageband.

4. Mélange (4 June 2013)

A compilation of previously unreleased tracks from calm keyboard-based project Astra Borealis, recorded between 2007 and 2011.

5. Improvisations vol. 1 (24 Jan 2014)

Live improvisational piano.

6. Itinerant (17 November 2015)

Astra Borealis’ first full-length album takes inspirations from ambient, electronic, and neoclassical music. The result is difficult to place in terms of genre, but its atmosphere is consistently calm. It's a 48-minute collection of loosely connected thoughts; ideas pertaining to personal journeys, and the things one might encounter along the way. Human experience is varied, complex, and sometimes downright strange. Also see: "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost.

7. Outer System Requiem (9 February 2017)

The project’s second full-length album marks a departure from piano-based music into experimental drone territory. Working from a base of jazz tracks, this ambient-sounding sophomore effort evokes the vastness of space itself. It’s a uniquely atmospheric album.

8. Mare Cognitum (2 March 2019)

Astra Borealis follows up their 2017 album with more space-themed drone/ambient music. Available in a short version (7 minutes) and a looping long version (29 minutes). An even longer version (1 hour), using public domain NASA footage from 1969, is available through Youtube and some streaming platforms.

9. Sinus Concordiae (26 October 2020)

Astra Borealis continues their trend of space-themed drone/ambient albums with this 2020 release. A three-hour extended version is available on some platforms specifically to help people with meditation and sleep.

10. A Story About A Christmas Village (10 December 2022)

A pure spirit of Christmas brings light and joy through this semi-instrumental album.

11. From Castle and Meadow (12 June 2023)

Upbeat piano reminisces of ancient pasts and futures which are yet to come, inspired by classic tales of high fantasy and adventuring heroes.